The marathon has just started in our organization which was established in June 2020 and on February, 11th 2021 we got an official document from the authority recognized as Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that works to promote the welfare of youth with disabilities in Tanzania.

We are registered.

Our journey has officially started. Let’s work together and empower youth with disabilities in different ways across the United Republic of Tanzania.

4 thoughts on “We are REGISTERED”

  1. Ezekiel Emanuely Ntandu

    Can’t wait to see the big impact to our young sisters and brothers with disabilities in different parties of Tanzania achieving their dreams


    I stay with hearing loss and word deafness dissability since 2010 till now.

    Am a graduate of bachelor of science in mathematics since 2017 from university of Dodoma UDOM. Due to hearing impairement and word deafness I am being unemployed till now.

    Am also interested with learning sign language for the future. So how can i benefit from your YoWDO ?

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