We conduct advocacy sessions with the government agencies on cross-cutting issues affecting youth with disabilities. The Government always considers the welfare of all of its people, but it is not always that the government will remember and have knowledge on all issues affecting Youth with Disabilities in every decision made.

To make sure that youth with disabilities are enjoying their rights, YoWDO has a responsibility to remind the government of the possible ways of creating inclusion in every single decision made to rely on the UNCRPD, National disability act of 2010 and the international declaration of human 0rights. to ensure that youth with disabilities live in a just community, YoWDO advocate for the government to affirm and implement the international laws and conversions on human rights and the inclusive development agenda and argue the government to formulate laws, policies, and programs that aim at promoting the welfare of youth with disabilities.


We mobilize resources and establish educational opportunities for youth with disabilities. About 60% of children with disabilities between the age of 7 and 14 do not access schools. YoWDO is in frontline to make sure that, children with disabilities are exposed to society and quality education as this is the best way of empowering the future youth. YoWDO organizes various community sensitization programs that aim at Encouraging communities, parents and guardians to expose children with disabilities to access quality education. we further mobilize funds from different sources to create a friendly environment accessible for youth with disabilities when trying accessing schools contributing to a joint effort with various stakeholders in creating an inclusive school in Tanzania.​


We mobilize resources and opportunities for career advancement for youth with disabilities. Skills development for youth with disabilities is an essential service that youth with disabilities need. Every year approximately 950000 people enter the job market and only 2% have the skills required by employers, the situation is severe for youth with disabilities who are faced with multiple discrimination based on their disabilities. YoWDO promote skill development for youth with disabilities through conducting training on employability skills, career planning, life skills while also enlighten their career path through awareness raising to the communities on rights, abilities and talents of people with disabilities including training employers and organizations on how to include people with disabilities at their workplaces and proper ways of running inclusive programs while also connecting youth with disabilities with internship positions.​


We conduct capacity building to youth with disabilities, specific organizations such as NGOs, companies and organizations for youth with disability specifics to ensure that youth with disabilities led organizations and pro are operating at a quality level and solving their disability-related needs and that are safe, healthy and protected at home, in schools and communities.


We build capacity and sensitize youth with disabilities on sexual reproductive health, rights and other preventable viral illnesses like HIV.​


We incubate and embrace the talents and ideas of youth with disabilities that are potential for their economic development. YoWDO embarces the talents that youth with disabilities are blessed with. We build capacity and confidence in youth with disabilities and incubate their ideas and innovations as well as exposing their products to the world market while also amplifying their voice to the general public for promoting inclusion.


We advocate and sensitize the whole community (mostly of those youth without disabilities, organizations of youth-led organizations and youth saving organization) to to incorporate disability-related agenda in their youth-led movements while youth with disabilities participating fully in addressing issues in a joint way to have a voice for all youth together.


Youth With Disabilities Organization (YoWDO) is a non-governmental organization with registration number 00NGO/R/1671 working to promote the welfare of youth with disabilities in Tanzania. The organization is founded by young males and females with disabilities.