We all assume YoWDO as a learning institution. Transfer of knowledge and experience from one staff to another is our priority. All staff are learners regardless of the strong experience, expertize and skills have, no one shall treat another employee as a learner staff.​


YoWDO has member organizations that have applied for membership and have their goals and objective and expectations from YoWDO, we work to make sure that our members’ demands are met at first.​



We are dedicating our code of conduct by valuing all team members by giving them the information, knowledge and tools they need to achieve our organizational results.​


At YoWDO family, every person is required to demonstrate sound, moral and ethical principles and is more truthful and honest in all areas of life, in our professional work and our personal lives even when faced with difficult decisions and hard choices, we are committed to doing the right thing, even in the face of adversity.​


YoWDO discourages all forms of discrimination. By equality, we mean every individual at YOWDO shall be treated equally with others and no one will be discriminated against in any way.

By equity, we mean people are differently endowed but also supported on needs. YoWDO where distributing resources, rewards, services whenever necessary shall give out depending on people’s needs. On top of that this shall depend on gender and disability status. This entails provision of reasonable accommodation.



Respect for all as we embrace inclusion. At YoWDO, everyone regardless of race, color, disability, gender religion and background is treated with due respect and encourages all of our partners to do the same. Everyone should be respected on an equal basis.​


We are all committed and dedicating our time and resources to fulfill our organizational vision, mission and objectives. Founders statement “we shall at all-time offer our time and efforts to all activities and initiatives that make the realization of the welfare of youth with disabilities wherever they are and all staff shall work to promote disability inclusion at all levels.​


Youth With Disabilities Organization (YoWDO) is a non-governmental organization with registration number 00NGO/R/1671 working to promote the welfare of youth with disabilities in Tanzania. The organization is founded by young males and females with disabilities.